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About Us

Labin is a well credentialed Real Property Law Conveyancing Specialist, working from a boutique office centrally located in the heart of Sydney’s most active Real Estate hotspot. Labin is highly regarded by clients and peers for his sound approach to property transactions. His crafted negotiation approach minimises disputes and confusions.

In Australia, property conveyancing is regulated by the state law. This means conveyancing process may differ based on the territory or state. Labin Bardewa is here to help you with all property buying, selling and transfers. Labin has extensive experience and knowledge on working with clients in Sydney and is highly dedicated to helping clients through the intricate framework of property law. He is committed to deliver exceptional customer experience whether you are buying, selling or transferring your property. Using his expertise he will ensure preparation and review of contracts to protect all your legal interests. His experience with conveyancing has allowed for the development of a simple yet thorough work flow enabling customer focused and value driven dealings.

Labin will keep you updated of every step of the transactions while ensuring the process is as stress free as possible. He will take care of your conveyancing needs from the beginning to end, so your security and peace of mind is guaranteed.

Looking for an industry-leading Property Lawyer or Conveyancer? Call Labin at 0431 367 801 or write to him: labin@labinbardewa.com.au